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You can now convert AI to PSD image file from any device by using our online AI to PSD converter right now.

Perform Conversions Within Fraction of Seconds:

Everybody preferred quick conversions, thanks to our best AI to Photoshop Document converter that turn AI into PSD within blink of eyes.

Best & Safest Way Convert Files:

We guaranteed that your files are fully secured as our server removes your files permanently once AI (Adobe Illustrator) images converted into PSD files.

100% Free Ways to Turning Files:

Our Adobe Illustrator to PSD converter all time available for you to save Ai as a PSD file without processing with any installation process.

Both AI (Adobe Illustrator) and Adobe Photoshop (PS) play crucial role in the creation of artwork. And, they both serves as a unique purpose. When it comes to extensive editing, PSD is preferred than AI, thus you need to ai to psd converter for particular file conversions.

How to Convert AI to PSD Online?

Hold-on these simple steps by free AI to PSD converter online to convert AI file to PSD:

  • Upload Adobe Illustrator (AI) into this converter
  • Press Convert
  • Press Download to get best quality PSD file

Can you open an AI File in Photoshop?

There’s no need for downloading any third-party software, you simply need to open as well as view the illustrator file with Photoshop.

How to Convert AI to PSD In-App?

To break it down as concisely as possible, if you have your Illustrator file opened, all you need to do is click on:

If you already open your illustrator file, then you just need click on:

  • File option
  • Then, Export
  • In this step, you need to click on the “Format” Menu
  • Then, choose PSD file format
  • Finally confirm it by pressing the enter button or “export”

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