DDS to PSD Converter

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This online DDS to PSD converter is the best tool for converting your DirectDraw Surface (DDS) and Photoshop (PSD) within no time.

It Takes Couple of Seconds to Convert Files:

Our DirectDraw Surface to PSD converter fulfill your preference for turning DDS into PSD files, take your .dds files to drag box to get your .psd files.

100% Secured and Reliable Conversions:

We designed this and every tool by keeping in mind the priority of your files, means they never will be shared or uploaded anywhere, they are fully secured.

Free and Unlimited Conversions:

Turn DDS into PSD for free and the great thing is that our DDS to Photoshop Document converter has no limits for file conversions.

How to convert DDS to PSD?

Our dds to psd converter will lets you perform such image conversion on every device and Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac).

  • Upload DDS (DirectDraw Surface) into this converter
  • Press Convert
  • Press download and get PSD (Photoshop Document)

How do I open a DDS image in Photoshop?

You just have to use DDS viewer plug-in that helps you to open DDS files in Photoshop.

How to convert multiple dds files to psd?

You can upload one or more than one files into our online DDS to PSD converter that convert them into PSD in couple of seconds.

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