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This online Excel to Pdf converter provide for converting Excel into PDF file. No matter whether you need to convert XLS or XLSX to PDF, it will proceed conversion with both Excel extensions.

The Quickest Way to Convert XLS to PDF:

This online xls to pdf converter quickly transform your MS Excel xls spreadsheets into PDF documents for ease of sharing and storage.

Convert excel file to pdf with Safest Converter:

Feel free to convert Excel to PDF online with this converter, all your Excel and PDF document files will be permanently deleted from the server of our site. Also, you could check our privacy policy!

Convert XLSX to PDF Document for free:

This XLSX to PDF converter is best to convert .xls or xlsx spreadsheets to PDF documents for free. Just uploading excel files are your concern and remaining will done with this converter.

This is Why you need to convert excel into pdf:

Microsoft Excel is the most useful program that helps you in editing as well as creating spreadsheets on both the Mac and Windows. Well, the time comes when you’ll need to convert XLS to PDF to make it more easily accessible to other people who don’t install Microsoft processors. By using a free XLSX to PDF converter you can easily procced conversion from excel spreadsheets to pdf.

There are hundred plus reasons to behind converting Excel to PDF document format. you might be created a quotation in Microsoft Excel, or you do not want that anyone edit your XLS or XLSX content, then turning EXCEL into pdf with xls to pdf converter is required.

How to Convert Excel to Pdf?

Now excel convert to pdf with the help of free Excel to PDF converter online. Keep in mind that this xls to pdf converter will convert every spreadsheet of your MS Excel file into separate page in the converted PDF document file.

  • Add Microsoft Excel file into box
  • Hit convert
  • Download and save your new converted PDF

Fortunately, our Excel to PDF converter online free helps on how to convert single or multiple excel spreadsheets to pdf without losing formatting.


How to convert Excel file to PDF on MAC?

To save a copy of the Excel file as a PDF on mac:

  • Open your excel document and go to the file tab
  • Then, move to tab mentioned as “Save a Copy”
  • In this step choose the PDF as the file type
  • Press the save button

How to Convert MS Excel to PDF on Windows?

If you want to export your excel file as a PDF on windows, then following steps are ready for you:

  • Open Microsoft Excel document and then move to the given file tab
  • Click on the provided Export tab now
  • Choose the option to Create PDF/XPS Document
  • Finally, hit on the Create PDF/XPS button

How to Convert Excel to PDF Without Losing Formatting?

Onlineconverters used the best algorithm in Excel to PDF converter to deliver the lossless formatting results while turning excel (XLS or XLSX) into PDF document file.

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