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Use this JPG to PNG converter that convert your PNG images to JPG images without any quality loss. This tool is referred to as best and simply way to save JPG as PNG format. You could use any smart device to save JPEG as PNG with the assistance of this online JPEG to PNG converter.

JPG to PNG in Few Steps:

JPG image to PNG conversions involves only few simple steps with this converter, just click “Add”, then click “convert” and finally “download” button. 

Secure File Conversions:

Well, converting JPG to PNG with this converter is risk-free, as we used the secured SSL connection, and your JPG and PNG files will be deleted automatically. 

Free Image to PNG conversions:

We are here to assists you to get the quality conversion from JPG file to PNG file for free without paying a single penny.

Why to Convert JPG to PNG?

Yes, both JPG and PNG are the most common raster image formats nowadays. But, the main benefits of PNG over JPG format is a lossless format with 24-bit color support. Well, when you convert from JPG file, you should take into consideration that JPG’s files are lossy and may lose some quality from their initial compression. The online JPG to PNG converter will consider the best and simple way to turn JPG into PNG without losing the quality. However, as PNG raster file is lossless, your file not at all loses further quality any time you open or save the image repeatedly. Along with lossless compression, PNG files are great for handling detailed high- contrast. Quit worrying, our JPEG to PNG converter preserve the resultant image quality while performing JPEG image to PNG conversions. 

How to Convert JPG to PNG Online?

When it comes to converting JPG image to PNG image, it is ideal to account with our free JPG to PNG converter online, that does all for you in seconds:

  • Press the “Select JPG” button from the toolbox, or drag & drop JPG here
  • Press convert button and lets the converter change JPG to PNG now
  • You can here see that your converted JPG image is ready to download, press download and save JPG as PNG

The amazing thing is that this online JPG image to PNG converter will enables multiple JPG to PNG conversions for your convenient, means it convert multiple JPG files to PNG files. 


How to convert JPG to PNG on Windows?

  • Open JPG image that you aim to convert
  • Now, make a tap Edit and Create
  • Then, you have to make a tap on Edit with Paint 3D
  • Now, tap on Menu
  • Tap on Image
  • Now, you have to choose “PNG” raster image as the output file type
  • By clicking save button, you’ll be able to save JPG as PNG

How to convert JPG to PNG on Mac?

  • In Preview, open JPG picture now
  • Tap File
  • Then, click file
  • Now, you just need to tap on Export
  • From the format drop-down box, click PNG
  • At last, click save to save a copy of your JPG file as a PNG file

Use our online JPG to PNG converter online to get quality PNG format right now. Remember that PNG is well-known image file type that specifically best for high definition photos, such as logos. Graphic experts depict that PNG images support a larger range of colors than other image files do, which makes them highly-perfect for colorful, high-quality photographs. So, stick with this handy free JPEG to PNG converter that specifically designed for turning JPEG to PNG while maintaining the quality high. 

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