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Use online JPG to WEBP convert now to convert JPG/JPEG files to Google WEBP image format for free now. You can convert single or multiple JPG or JPEG to WEBP files by using this free JPEG to WEBP converter.

Turn JPG into WEBP Quickly:

Just drag & drop JPG image files and convert quickly with single tap. Once they converted to WEBP Google image, you can be able to download them one by one or simply zip file as well.

Convert JPEG to WEBP Securely:

We always ensure you people that all the images contained here in for converting are highly secured. However, we never upload your image files anywhere and deleted permanently after conversion.

Save JPG as WEBP For Free:

The upside is that you can now save both JPG/JPEG image file as WEBP image for free, this handy converter designed for all users and doesn’t require any sign-up for proceeding.

Why Convert JPG to WEBP Google Image?

WEBP is indicated as a modern image format, which comes with superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the WEB. It is said that .WEBP image format offers much better compression than JPEG with support for higher color depths, transparency, animated frames etc. It is noticed that it reduces the file size up to 34 percent in comparison to JPG images. So, give try to online JPEG to WEBP converter to get the WEBP from the uploaded JPG/JPEG image.

How to Convert JPG to WEBP Online?

JPEG or JPG into WEBP conversion is only three steps away with this online JPG to WEBP converter. Let’s find how:

  • Upload or simply drop JPG image file into the provided uploading area
  • Press “Convert JPG” button
  • Converted WEBP Google image is ready, download it and save to your desired location


How to open WebP files with PaintShop Pro?

All you need to follow the given simple steps, let’s find:

  • First of all, launch PaintShop Pro
  • Now, it’s time to choose File > Open
  • Then, you have to find the WebP file you wish to open
  • Choose the File(s) right now
  • Finally, just make editing and save your file

Can I change JPG to WEBP on Mac OS Windows, or Linux?

This JPG image to WEBP converter is provides you with browser-based conversions that function independently on all operating system. Also, works best for all smart devices, all you need stable inter connection with simple browser.

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