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Use of online PDF to text converter is the superb way to extract text from pdf. This open-source utility lets its users to convert pdf to notepad.

Change PDF to TXT Notepad in Fraction of Seconds:

This PDF txt converter takes couple of seconds to copy text from pdf online. It just requires to upload your PDF file to turn PDF into txt quickly.

Convert PDF file to text with a Safe Source:

Never worry about your files security as your files will never be accessed by a third parties. All processed and uploaded files are deleted automatically from our servers.

Extract text From PDF online Free:

This PDF to Notepad converter is the best and free way to extract text data from the PDF files and all the other PDF elements will be dismissed by this converter.

The most obviously reasons to convert PDF document to Txt (Notepad) file is that it lets you to make an editing to the extracted text directly. It does not matter what device you are using on, this PDF to text converter will ultimately convert PDF to text.

How to Convert PDF to Text Online?

If you want to extract contents of the text objects only, then you just have to focus on the given steps that offered by our PDF to Text converter. Also, our pdf to txt converter helps you convert multiple PDF files to text (notepad) files while preserving the layout of document.

  • In this step, upload PDF document file
  • Press Convert
  • Download txt file by pressing download button


How to copy text from pdf?

Open your PDF document in Reader, then start by right clicking on the document. Once you have done, choose the Select Tool option from the pop-up menu of reader. Now, drag to choose the text, or just click to select an image. Now, it’s time to make a right-click on the selected item and then make a choose Copy. Finally, your content is copied to the provided clipboard.

How do I copy a PDF into Notepad?

A PDF to txt converter is the best way to save PDF as notepad file.

How to Import PDF Files as Plain Text into OneNote?

  • Click on the given option "Import" tab -> "Import Pdf" feature
  • On the left side given notebook tree, make a tick on the check section to quickly store the result of your imported PDF files
  • In the given "Option" tab -> "PDF Type" group -> choose "Plain Text" item
  • At last, just make use of “Add Files” or “Add Folder” button to quickly append PDF document files to list


 How to convert PDF to Plain Text File on Mac or Windows?

Our team designed great PDF to Text converter for every Operating Systems (OS) and devices like (iPhone or Android) to save PDF as Text file.

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