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Convert your Portable Network Graphic (PNG) images to Raw Image Data File (RAW) format with the using of this online PNG to RAW converter.

Fastest Conversions Ever:

Get the highly fast conversion from PNG file to RAW images, there are three clicks you required to get converted raw file format.

Fully Secure Files:

Never ever worry about the security of your processed files when it comes to converting images with our converter. All the files that you uploaded and downloaded from our server will be removed automatically after a conversion.

Completely Free Process:

No limitation, no restriction, even no quality loss with the free to use PNG to raw converter. You can turn png into raw file on any particular device, also at anytime and anywhere.

PNG images are processed file types, on the other hand, Raw Image Data format is non-processed as well as simple format. The best thing about .raw extension is that it will be always in the original format without any changes. Sometimes, designers need to work within PS (Photoshop) program where they get PNG to raw converter to turn png into raw file.

How to convert png to raw?

Our PNG to raw converter solves this conversion problem within few easy to remember steps:

  • Upload PNG
  • Press Convert
  • Press download to get your converted Raw file

Can gimp export to Raw?

GIMP opens many types of files including TIFF, PSD, PNG, JPEG. But the program does not open Raw file-formats, including DNG files, though it will open HEIC files created by your iPhone.

Gimp application helps you to open different types of files including:

  • TIFF
  • PSD
  • PNG
  • JPEG

But, it does not open RAW file formats such as DNG file, even though it helps you to open HEIC files.

How to convert multiple PNG files to RAW format?

Drag and drop or just upload them into PNG to raw converter and lets this tool does all for you in matter of seconds.

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