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Use our ppt to pdf converter to convert PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) files to easy to view PDF document file quickly. No matter whatever the reason behind conversions from pptx to pdf, just hold this PowerPoint to pdf converter to process further.

Few Clicks Involve to Convert ppt into pdf:

No technicality involves while converting PowerPoint Presentations to PDF, this online pptx to pdf converter is designed to be easy enough for everyone to use.

Convert pptx to pdf in Secure Way:

Yes, we all know that file security is the immensely important thing to consider. And, we highly care about the safety of your files. Once ppt convert to pdf with this PowerPoint slides to PDF converter, all of your files are permanently deleted from our servers.

Save PowerPoint as PDF Within Free of Cost:

You can continue with using our ppt to pdf converter free of cost, no sign-up required or no need to indulge with any third-party app installation process to turn pptx into pdf online.

Reasons to Convert PPT to PDF?

There are hundreds of reasons why have to switch from PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) to Adobe PDF document file type, but few most prominent includes:


When it comes to portable, it’s seeming like compressed, small, and even easy to share or carry! Well, that’s the thing that only PDF format has achieved as it is Portable Document Format. However, PDF document file is so compact that the entire data can easily fit in your Gmail. Now, you could share your ppt slides as PDF, but before that you need to use online ppt to pdf converter for conversion process.


PDF document is a well-known compact through which your data easily transferred to any device without distorting it. This clearly indicates that all the elements like layout, images, font, and content won’t be moved around or missing once it’s transferred. The pdf document file does not based on the software or any platform as it has been developed to be an independent file. Thus, people convert ppt to pdf with the free assistance of free PPTX to PDF converter online.

High Quality:

Apart from compatibility and portability, people seems that PDF comes in low-quality just because of its reduced file size. However, PDF document can entirely ensure the highly quality as it’d first created, hence presentation becomes more appealing and effective once converted with our PPT to PDF converter online.

Secure and Safe:

Well, PDF is the ultimate file type that is 100% secure and safe. Now, you people easily lock the content of your PDF file in a way that they can’t even begin to highlight the text for copying. Even you can limit your readers or editors with by using special encryption for your PDF document file. So, make your PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) slides more secure by converting them into PDF using a free PowerPoint to PDF converter online.

How to convert ppt to pdf Online?

Use this PPT to PDF converter for converting either PPT or PPTX presentation slides to Adobe PDF document. Follow these steps:

  • Drag and drop or just click on Upload area to import your PPT or PPTX file
  • Wait for while to let this converter convert file to PDF format
  • Click download and then save PPT as PDF anywhere you want



How to Save PowerPoint Files as PDFs?

  • To start, you have to open the PowerPoint presentation slides to be saved as a PDF
  • Simply, choose the “File” tab and then tap on the “Export” option, which is in the left-hand pane
  • Then, you will be at the “Create PDF/XPS Document” tab
  • Here, all you need to choose “Create PDF/XPS”
  • Now, you could find that window’s file explorer will appear. Here, you require to choose the location where you want to save ppt as pdf. You can there see that the “Save as type” is now PDF. Also, you could be able to rename the file as you need!

How to Convert PPTX to PDF on a Mac?

Follow these steps to save a PowerPoint as a PDF on Mac:

  • To start now simply open the PowerPoint that you want to convert, then move to “File” option
  • Now, it’s time to choose the “Export” option from the given drop-down list
  • It’s time to choose your new file name, destination, and instantly change the file format to PDF. Once completed, you need to click on the “Export” button

On your Mac, you could even choose to “Save As…” option and then simply set the file format as a PDF to fetch the same output.

How to Save PowerPoint as PDF with Notes?

  • Simply open your PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) file
  • Now, you can choose the File tab that you can see at the top-left
  • All you need to choose the Save As option and select where to save your new Adobe PDF document
  • Then, simply give a name to your document file and make a click on the File type drop-down to choose the PDF
  • Explore more options by make a single click
  • Make a click on the options button
  • Now, you could easily choose the Publish what drop-down and make a click on the Notes pages, then click OK
  • Lastly, click Save

Well, when it comes to converting ppt to pdf, you people always think about the preservation of content that are stored in your PowerPoint slides. Humble thanks to our best PPT to PDF converter that takes few seconds for conversions while maintaining the original resolution and page orientation of your file.

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