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The online PDF to AI converter is the most preferrable way for converting single as well as multiple Photoshop Document files to Adobe Illustrator (AI) files.

Get ready to attain instant conversions:

No lengthy process required, just add one or more PSD’s into PSD to AI converter online and lets it do all for you in matter of seconds.

Full Secure Conversions for Your Files:

Our converter performs conversion job while securing your files with advanced server, no once can access your files and credentials.

Best and Free Conversions:

Turn PSD into AI now by using our Photoshop document to AI converter without spending a single penny on single or batch conversion.

When you people are working with graphical work, the time arise when you need to import a PSD (Photoshop Document) image into AI illustrator to attain more effects. So, here our PSD to Adobe Illustrator converter helps you for particular file transformation.

How to convert psd to ai?

Get the online version of psd to ai converter and turn psd into ai within couple of steps:

  • Upload psd file
  • Press convert button
  • Press download button to save your Adobe Illustrator (AI) file

Can a PSD open AI?

When you open AI file with Photoshop software, you will see that PS does not support Adobe Illustrator vector files.

How do I open AI vector in Photoshop?

You just need to open the “File” menu and very next choose the “Open As Smart Object”.

Finally, simply select the required EPS or Adobe Illustrator (AI) file and open it

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