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Use this online Text to JSON converter to convert Text (plain text) to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) open-standard file format swiftly.

Convert Txt to JSON in matter of Seconds:

The Txt to JSON converter provides you with the toolbox where you just need to drop Text plain file and let it does conversions immediately.

Convert Plain Text to JSON Safely:

There’s no need to worry about file security when you convert text file to JSON online with this converter as it deletes files after processing.

100% free way to turn txt into JSON:

The great thing about this converter is that it is fully free to save txt as JSON file anywhere and anytime you want. This converter even support multiple text files to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files conversions without any cost.

Reason to Convert txt to JSON?

If you have txt file format and seeking for the ways to easily praise it into JavaScript, then you have to convert it into JSON. A JSON file is packed with simple data structures and objects, it is best for transmitting data between a web-application and a server. A free txt to JSON converter helps to convert txt to JSON online without impacting on the layout of the original file.

How to Convert text to JSON Online?

A text to JSON converter online lets you convert text file to open-standard file format (JSON) within these given steps:

  • Add text (plain txt) file into the above box
  • Hit Convert
  • Download your converted JSON open-structured file and save text as JSON now


Is this Txt to JSON Converter Works Well on all Web Browsers?

Yes, there is no need to install a particular web-browser on your device for using this free text file to JSON converter online. You could now use this converter on Chrome, Mozilla, or Firefox to convert Text to JSON online.

Can I convert TXT to JSON on Mac OS or Linux?

Use this text to JSON converter on any OS (Operating Systems) like Windows, Mac, or Linux to turn one or more txt to json online.

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