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An online Word to PDF converter is create for converting MS Word “DOC” and “DOCX” files to standard Adobe PDF document files while preserving the formatting. Now you can easily make PDF from DOC and DOCX for free with the helps of this online DOC to PDF converter.

Convert Word into PDF Quickly:

Get the fast and accurate Microsoft Word document to PDF conversion with this online Docx to PDF converter. We here make sure you that the faster conversion never ever interferes with the quality of newly generated PDFs.

Convert Word File to PDF Securely:

Use this Microsoft word to pdf online converter without worrying about the data security. Quit worrying, both uploaded (DOC or DOCX) along with downloaded PDF files are 100% safe from the spyware. Also, once conversion processed entirely, the files will be removed permanently.

Microsoft Word Convert to PDF for Free:

Now, you can save Word document as PDF for free, no matter whatever the device you’re using, thanks to this online MS Word to Adobe PDF converter does all for you. Also, when you convert DOC into PDF, the document layout will be fully preserved and even there will be no risk of losing data.

Preserved File Layout:

When Microsoft word convert to PDF by using this Word to PDF converter online free, the layout of your document will be fully preserved, same as to printing a copy. That’s the reason why the document will appear the same as it did before the conversion.


Why Convert Word to PDF?

Microsoft Word is widely known as the best word processor today. Although other applications can be used, MS Word has many features that make it easy to use.

No doubt that MS Word file is widely known as the word processor in these days. You can even notice that people prefer word document to pdf just because that PDF files are hard to be altered as compared to MS Word. That’s the reason why almost every professional use online DOC to PDF converter to convert doc to pdf.

Well, if you still want to know few well-known reasons why word file convert to pdf, then this is right-time to explore!


Password Protect:

Unlike MS Word documents, Adobe PDF files can readily be password protected with online tool. Usually, these files require a high level of security as they normally packed with important data about the file owner. By converting DOCX to PDF you can readily limit the access of other individuals from reading your PDFs by protected them with password.

That’s the reason why many people make a word document a pdf as PDF file is more secure and even support file encryption. However, using a word to pdf file converter will offer you the opportunity of convert MS word document to PDF online.

MS Word Isn’t Accepted by All Operating Systems:

No doubt that Microsoft is the world’s best and popular operating system (OS). You can see that more than three-quarters of all desktop system uses MS. On the other hands, macOS comes in second place that is used by Linux

Even though MS is referred to as the world’s leading operating system, Linux along with macOS are easily accepted as alternatives. Many professionals, for instance, opt to MacBooks and iMacs as personal computer due to the versatility.

Remember that apple products may struggle to open MS Word document files. Unlike .Docx files, Adobe PDF files are accepted by all smart devices. So, convert word file (docx or doc) to PDF quickly with the free assistance of our free word to pdf converter online.

 Visual Component are Preserved:

Another reason to convert word doc to pdf file is that PDF document files are flexible in nature and even can retain every single visual component like images, fonts, texts, or graphics – which you have embedded before turning it into another file format. As compared to MS Word documents, you ought to do so much reformatting just to retain it the way you need it. You will there note that you lose a lot of time in reformatting and editing. So, it’s better to use word file to pdf converter to convert a word document to pdf without distorting the formatting of the file.

Reduced File Size:

Yes, anyone can convert different compatible formats into a PDF even if it comes with high-resolution images. You can see that Adobe PDF versions of these files consume very less space and are highly portable, which clearly indicates that you can readily upload them onto different platforms. So, converting word file to Adobe PDF allow you to retain less space of file that assists you while sharing files. Use our online word document to pdf converter right now to create quality PDF from Word document file.

How to Convert Word to PDF online?

Now, Microsoft Word docx or doc convert to PDF by following these simple steps offered by our online Word to PDF converter free: These are the steps to change a word document to a pdf:

Step 1:

At first, you have to upload Microsoft Word (DOC or DOX) file into the toolbox section

Step 2:

In this step, press a convert button and lets the tool convert word file into pdf

Step 3:

Finally, your word to pdf conversion is completed, press download button to save Word as PDF on storage

Quit worrying as our online converter word to pdf supports batch conversions, add single or multiple MS (DOC or DOCX) and get quality PDFs within no time.


How to convert Word to PDF using Word 2016, 2013, and 2010?

Now, you could turn a word doc into a pdf by using Word 2016, 2013, and 2010, let’s find what you have to do:

  • First of all, you have to open a MS Word document on your computer
  • Now, you have to go to the “File” tab and then select the “Save as” option
  • Very next, in the new dialogue box, you have to choose "PDF(*.pdf)" to save the Word document, and then make a tap on the “Save” button
  • Also, you could choose the folder and even name the file as you want

If these steps look daunting or hard to proceed for, then give a simple try to our docx to PDF converter online that quickly make PDF from Word file.

How to convert a word document to pdf using MS Word 2007 and 2003?

To convert Word document to PDF follow these steps right now:

  • To begin, open a MS Word document
  • Very next, ahead to the “file” button at the top-left corner
  • Now, make a tap on the “Save As” icon” and then choose the “PDF or XPS” button to change word to pdf

Remember that if you do not have this option, then simple use our online doc to pdf converter that not only converts, but even also preserve the quality of file.

What is the difference between DOC and DOCX?

DOC is indicated as a document format, which used by MS Word, while DOCX is referred to as successor. Both are MS Word format that are relatively open, but DOCX is more efficient and even creates smaller, less corruptible files. It is recommended to consider .DOCX files, .DOC is only necessary if you people will be used by pre-2007 versions of Word. And if you want to convert DOC or DOCX to PDF, then our online Word to PDF converter is free assistance for you!

How to convert word file to pdf on iPhone?

Follow these steps to convert a document to a PDF:

Follow these given steps to convert a MS Word document to a PDF:

First if all, you have to download the PDF Expert and launch the app

Now, you have to tap the blue plus sign at the bottom right

Then, choose Create PDF from file

Vey next, you have to pick the document that you want to convert

Finally, your new PDF file ready, save word as PDF on your desired location

Well, it doesn’t matter what operating system and device you are going to use, our free Word to PDF converter is convert both Doc and DOCX extensions to pdf while preserving the original format of the file.

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